In the midst of Mental Health Week, Philip La Rosa returns with his first single of 2018, “Drowning”. Written from the perspective of a close friend’s experience with depression and anxiety, this soulful track dives into feelings of self-doubt and hopelessness.

“This song didn’t take long to write, as soon as I put pen to paper, the lyrics just started flowing, seeing loved ones struggle is extremely hard, and feeling helpless or worthless is even harder. I hope anyone who hears this song knows; they aren’t worthless and there is always someone they can talk to”, Philip said.

Alongside the single, Philip has dropped an accompanying music video, continuing his output of strong visual representations. Directed by Charmaine Murray, the music video follows the path of strength, downfall, and recovery, represented through a single character, played by Nicole Crisp. Through an aerial dance routine, she gracefully symbolises what it’s like to be clinging to your last hope.

Within the track, Philip’s emotive vocals are backed by orchestral strings, driving drums, and softer moments, where simply Philip’s vocals and a piano shine. The single was produced by Sydney’s Taka Perry, who also worked across the entirety of Philip’s upcoming EP, ‘Zero Gravity’.

“Drowning came together really naturally for me and Phil. I was working on the beat in Sydney and he was working on lyrics in Perth. We finally caught up at my studio and we brought the song to life in one day,” Taka said.

Drowning is available on all major streaming platforms, and be sure to check out the music video below!