Taking great strides towards the upcoming EP, 2019 will open up with one of Philip’s most penetrating and inventive singles. Fable, to be available on across all digital platforms February 8th, is rich in self reflection and speaks to La Rosa’s power as a new-romantic, exuberant and earnest.

Reflecting on his time with collaborator and rising producer Taka Perry, Philip notes how effortlessly Fable came to life and the joy it delivered.

“Fable was just a fun track to work on. It was completely unplanned and came together in less than 6 hours. Taka Perry and I had a spare day in the studio and decided to smash out another track for the EP together, within two hours I watched Taka create this magical beat from scratch. A starting point, we worked on the lyrics by pulling old notes from my phone, some of which dated back to 2008. We pieced together the main lyrics then filled in the rest. The final two hours in the studio was laying down all the vocals and Taka bringing it all together. It’s now one of my favourite tracks on the upcoming EP.”

Not one to ever fall short in providing quality for his followers, Philip has also been working with Film maker Steve Browne to offer up a complimentary clip for Fable.

“The film clip for the single came from the creative mind of Steve Browne. Steve presented me with a concept that was completely different to what I had in mind and I fell in love with it instantly, it came together so beautifully – really excited to show my nephews this one!”

Philip delivers stories that trace troublesome paths back to the source of that which animates us. His journey to date is consistent in its’ determination. Fable is an exploratory piece of synth-pop that bounces the mysterious off of reality and turns life into folklore. The perfect guide into the spirited pop we can expect from the upcoming EP.

Fable, will be available on across all digital platforms February 8th, 2019.

Writers: Philip La Rosa & Taka Perry
Composer & Producer: Taka Perry

Writer & Director: Steve Browne
Producers: Elaine Smith & Michael Boyle
Director of Photography: Mahmudul Raz
1st AD: Charmaine Murray
Starring: Jackson Lucas, Stu Groves & Nicole Crisp
1st AC: Michael Titter
2nd AC: Dan Stone
Gaffer: Balázs Kajcsa
Grip: Clint Lawrence
Creature Design: Steve Browne
Production Designer: Dan Thom
Costume Designer: Nicole Ferraro
Creature FX: Jon Tolliday
Make-up & Hair: Tess Rowe
Additional Makeup Artist: India Jean Ngaata
Graphic Designers: Tegan Tiu Taudigani & Phil de Glanville
Book Binding: Iz Moore
Unit: Rochelle Partridge
BTS Photography: Edwin Sitt
Editor: Steve Browne
VFX: Elaine Smith, Lenny Rudeberg
Colourist: Mahmudul Raz

Special thanks to Breanne Lucas, all the parents and children involved – we can’t thank you enough