When you dedicate an entire year to writing songs, you’re bound to create gems. And now, those gems are being polished into musical reality, with Philip jumping back into the studio grind this month.

Armed with a collection of tracks that are sure to tug on the heartstrings, Philip has joined forces with Sydney based producer, Taka Perry, to turn his music onto a new path.

It’s amazing how much of an evolution occurs each time you jump in the booth. I fell in love with Taka’s work the moment I heard his single Slow. Working with someone as talented and professional as him was perfect, he helped refine my sound without making me someone I’m not.

With Taka Perry’s production catalogue including names such as Ruel, Mallrat, LANKS, and Max Frost, it’s clear these two are crafting up something incredible.

So, what’s to come on the album? Expect new tracks galore, collaborations, and remixes to grace your ears, with a heavy dose of the emotive vocals, lyrics, and production you know and love.

Philip La Rosa’s new album is expected to drop in early 2019.

In the Studio with Taka Perry & Astrid