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Philip La Rosa releases debut EP, STRONG


Following the massive release of Philip’s debut single, “Pride”, comes his debut EP, “STRONG”. STRONG features six original works, as well as two bonus “Pride” remixes from Beats Protocol and Canberra producer Skarma. The EP marks a milestone in La Rosa’s musical career and personal journey.

As a gay musician, La Rosa has not been without his own personal struggles. His dream of becoming a singer was temporarily shelved at the age of 15, when he was driven to drop out of not only school, but his vocal and dance lessons, when he became a victim of bullying.

Now after years of singing in the shower, writing lyrics on the bus and turning them into something beautiful in the studio – STRONG marks a moment that La Rosa has worked towards since childhood – releasing a body of work to the world.

Produced by the Banton Brothers, STRONG walks listeners down the long-winded, difficult path to finding strength in life. Filled with tales of overcoming heartbreak and bullying, to self-discovery and happiness – the EP is a reflective electronic-pop work with a strong sense of hope.

STRONG is available to stream through Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.

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